Episode 29: MLS in Austin


Yesterday, I had a chance to catch up with the Josh’s (Josh 1 & Josh 2) from MLSinAustion.org.  Simply, I wanted to learn more about what exactly their organization does. Mission accomplished.

You can listen to that episode here:

In this podcast, the Josh’s explained to me everything having to do w/ MLSinAustin.org.  The name of their org is self-explanatory.  I’ve always thought/talked about how Austin would be a great landing ground for a MLS expansion team.  While I merely go around and blabber about these things, Josh&Josh are actually doing something about it.

This episode includes:

  • How to get free stickers
  • What is MLS in Austin?
  • the Austin Aztecs
  • The 2019 arrival of a new Austin soccer team
  • All things that go into convincing MLS of Austin
  • How Austin needs 1 pro sport
  • Austin’s soccer culture

MLS in Austin
Austin Soccer Supporter’s Union

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