Episode 28: Tottenham Hotspur


Today, I had the chance to watch the Tottenham v. Chelsea game today, with my pal Juan (Spurs supporter), at Mr. Tramps, in Austin, TX. This is the location where the Austin Spurs Supporters group meets. Strong crowd.

Juan is a die-hard Tottenham fan. Although he was wearing a Spurs shirt on game day, I can attest that this is not a rare occurrence. Juan also owns/operates his own pin company (link below). Juan was also on the podcast last season (link also below).

In this podcast, Juan and I had a chance to catch up on:
– Shameless sponsor plugging
– His lady’s Cristiano Rolando blanket
– Kyle Walker’s departure
– Danny Rose’s complaining nature
– Manchester City’s comical transfer habits
– Today’s game: Tottenham v. Chelsea
– Paulinho’s silly ex-China career
– Leo Messi finally moving to Manchester City
– Tottenham’s strength in numbers within Austin
– Discussions relating to Tottenham’s Premier League fate this season
– Deciding the fates of all Premier League teams
– Pep Guardiola’s managerial impotence
– Taking a dump on Arsenal

30 Pin Co.
First Podcast w/ Juan

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